Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jom Try...

Monday morning - since I had no plan outing or meeting someone, I spent my time with my girls at home. When girls get together, the craziness wiped-out the world around us and creating our own world..

I tried something on one of my teenagers girl. After she put on some make-up, a light one, I wrapped her hair with shawl and fancy hat.
A moment later, she looked in the mirror and a slight shout been thrown out from her lips.."eerrggh...looks weird la mummy..!"

I grabbed my camera and asked her to do some pose and started shooting. Then she looked her images in the camera and said..."hey..not bad ye..ok, let's continue shooting."

Ha..ha.. She really likes her images and planning to put it into her blog as a header. Well, an editing had been made by her with my supervision!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Errmmm.... I don't know you guys.... This look is some kind of extreme. But it fun. Can be worn may be to the theme party like 'Bollywood' , right?....Oh ... sure, You can change the style by pin-up the accessory (hmmm.. I don't even know what to call that hanging tiny little thing) on your side.


Wanna try Abaya?..Oh yea... elegant look..Love this costume. May be I'm a little bit too much on top part. .. Hmmm..Just wanna explore a new look


My kebaya...normally I worn to kenduri like wedding ceremony or dinner function.


My baju kurung- hmmm... for kenduri, balik kampong. Same design with different fabric pattern. Interesting and normally its colorful.

It is the traditional Malay female costume you can definitely find at least one in the wordrobe, if not a full line of the traditional Malay women costume. It's elegant and sweet. Hmmm...feel like a real lady.

My Daily Outfit

My daily outfit- fetch my kid from school, shopping or hanging with friends. Hmmm... oo yea...for gateway

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Something that's not daily

Ok Ladies...JomFashion.. Just an option you might looking for. Well, may be not for daily look, but to wear it at the party or company annual dinner or may be wedding ceremony. Hmmm... I need 2 layers of cloths. One is black tudung covered inside and a red selendang/shawl. Just entwine the shawl and pin it up to attached with the black tudung. Here I add a red ribbon
to makes it looks bold and stand-out. You can pin it either side. Are you dare to wear like this? Why not... Be different once in a while. Match with white inner or sleeveless shirt and red stripe long sleeve blouse. White skirts for the lower body looks suits together. Let's try yea..!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

GayaPhotography: At Dawn

GayaPhotography: At Dawn: "Image manipulating is a piece of artwork that I enjoy. I do starting with framing the image on photoshop, and start manipulate into alignme..."

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Stare not at the mirror
to search for steamed over weakness
Hold out for something better
beyond the bird in the hand
Expect nothing but perfection
and frailty will be your gravity
Hold lover's hand in fear of self loathing
Only till dawn pays your debt
Speak of the friend in a whispered breath
Stir to life the butterfly's wings
Arise from mediocrity, of 'too little too late'
and bathe in the glory of
Liiving for another to be great.

A Little Secret

If I think I know, I probably don't
If I try to make myself understand, it's getting out of range
I assume I don't care, but I'm really wrong
I've care more than I know all along
So I just let it grows in me and let it be
All my doubt about you no answer require
I just want you as my desire
To make my cold dull life turns into fire
Even though it cause burn but I'll take the risk
Sometimes we need challenge rather than stay calm in peace
Each time we cross path, I'm gonna hang around for a while
To say Hi, how are you and then Bye-bye
We seems worlds apart but you are in my heart.