Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jom Try...

Monday morning - since I had no plan outing or meeting someone, I spent my time with my girls at home. When girls get together, the craziness wiped-out the world around us and creating our own world..

I tried something on one of my teenagers girl. After she put on some make-up, a light one, I wrapped her hair with shawl and fancy hat.
A moment later, she looked in the mirror and a slight shout been thrown out from her lips.."eerrggh...looks weird la mummy..!"

I grabbed my camera and asked her to do some pose and started shooting. Then she looked her images in the camera and said..."hey..not bad ye..ok, let's continue shooting."

Ha..ha.. She really likes her images and planning to put it into her blog as a header. Well, an editing had been made by her with my supervision!


  1. sumpah nice.takde masa lagi nak belajar adobe.
    hari2 belajar main gitar.tapi minat gila dalam editing gambar.mintak tunjuk ajar.;D

    youtube terlalu cepat dan tak faham.

  2. Boleh..syarat kalu ada project photography, pass kat LensD'Sign..ha..ha..komisyen boleh bincang.

  3. alahai.kene tggu habis dip lah.agak sibuk study kat tempat orang.;D

  4. No hal dear...janji belajar rajin2 nanti bincang projek sama2..free lanser during sem break pun boleh..