Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Belated wishes- 2011

Happy belated new year.. haaa..haa

Todays is the 4th day of 2011.. bz tk sempat tulis something in my sketches of life ni.

Ok, azam...just continue the last year azam and creating the new azam (tsee-hheee) Ok..what my new azam for this year?..not gonna tell..Only God knows..
What I want to do is to keep all the good memories and bring ahead..erase the bad one. easy to say.
Ok, Ulang lagi sekali dengan ayat yg berbeza,
Kisah semalam biarkan berlalu...
Cuba lupakan yg sedih pedih.. Think positive and let's have a blast on the new year and have a very happy year ahead. Hmmm.... gitulah lebih kurang ayat utk naikkan semangat.

Kekawan and visitors, especially my beloved followers, don't ever jemu to visit my blogs and :) please give some comment as well.

Keep in touch ye...Love u all always..

My new look for 2011?... no lah...ini gambar tangkap muat mana yg ada dlm my digital camera je..


  1. salam its verry nice ,a kiss from sami

  2. Thank you brother from Agadir Morocco.