Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Birthday Girl is now 20

My sweetie turns to 20 on January 13,2011. Seems like yesterday I saw her walking around with her singing chit-chit baby shoes.
Her 'chit-chit shoes' when she was 2.

Her first shoes when she was 1 year old.

Just like yesterday I watched her became 'The Kimono Girl' in her pakaian beragam contest when she was 3.

And been a winner in that contest makes me feel so proud of her.

This is her at age of 5. From her pose given I noticed that she know how to deal with the camera. She loves camera just like how camera loves her.

This is her in present...still know how to deal with it....

But here she got company - the interrupted pose from her naughty younger sister. sweet sweet memory with her when we were in Langkawi.
Happy birthday girl...No matter what, you are still my sweet little baby..Mummy loves you always...


  1. hmm...ok, thats me the naughty younger sister interrupting.. But I think that pose look amazing with me inside...haaa..haaaa

  2. sumpah you are the best mummy in the world !
    i love you...muah ! :)

  3. rase cam nak menangis bila baca post mummy ni..

  4. Thank u 2x girls..who else kalau tak dotter sendiri yg puji mummy nyer.. rite?..