Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm on the go

3 days outstation...
When I got some assignment involve informal meeting with someone, I prefer to wear casual. What are the things should be in my luggage? The first thing on my list would be my camera, my laptop, my pen and papers. Then only I will pack my outfit, though it's important too.
Because my luggage will already full with the gadget, so let's compromise a bit for the out-fit. Let's just have 2 cardigan, 2 tops, one skirt, 2 inner scarfs and 2 shawls for outing.

And do some rotation by mix and match for each day. As long I don't get sweat, it will be just fine.......Haa..haaa. May be for first day I'll put on this one.
For the 2nd day I will try these two option.
And for the last day this might be the choice.

or may be this...
Ok..I'm on the go but will be still online. See you guys on the next entry. Bye for now.

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