Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hurt is something that I used to feel, just like no ending to heal
Don't make one more step towards the blue
Or else I will make my step out from you
I have so many scars inside, only it's just out of your sight
Or you might don't wanna see, what you should see
Cause if that so, you should on your knee
Begging me to stay and keep on play
Your game your rule is one way traffic, it's so tiring and pathetic
Been years we travelled at the same road and now there is an intersection
So, let's just go to our own direction.


  1. Hmm..but seems dont see any road out there..just a desert... :)

  2.'s a desert..but the desert is the road itself..and the intersection is somewhere in mind..

  3. wonder I dont see any intersection over there.. >.<

  4.'s so confusing isn’t it?