Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mr Sad Is Coming

Mr Sad : Hello dear..I'm visiting you..How are you today.

Me : Why are you coming back ?..Of course you know how I am as you are here with me right now. Told you not to come back.

Mr. Sad : Hhhuuh?.. well, you know that's impossible don't you. I'll be running along with you as long as you live I'm afraid..

Me : You really don't want to leave me?.. why?..

Mr. Sad : Well.. Ask yourself ...I thought you are inviting me. That the way it is, just when you need me I'm just appear anytime at anyplace. I'm not coming if I didn't get the invitation from you..Well you know..not really have to be so formal by sending card or something like that.. Just some whispering through your heart.

Me : Ok.. what do you want from me?

Mr. Sad : What?... Hey... I want nothing from you.. You are the one who want me... Can't you understand?

Me : I don't want you.

Mr. Sad : Why are you lying? You always did that.

Me : I don't lie.

Mr. Sad : Heart never lie, but your tongue did..

Me : How could u say that... I'm not always lying. I lied when I have to

Mr. Sad : That's what I'm saying. Why must you guys got that words 'have to' to allowed lies.

Me : Because that's life means. Sometimes we have to lie to keep everything looks find and may good for us.

Mr. Sad : I don't understand human. They are hypocrite ..They are pretender.. on the name of reputation.

Me : Stop saying like that.. do have some respect with whom you're talking to.. You are nothing but sadness .. ruins people's life, tumbling every human's heart upside down. ..shame on you..!

Mr. Sad : Told you... Only when human call me.. I will not appear without invitation. I have my own pride.

Me : Hate you.! I don't need you..

Mr.Sad : So.. Why am I here.. Your feeling that makes me here.. I'm not the one to blame.

Me : Just go back to where you belong. Don't ever come back don't even think that you are so special.. You are dark ..You are bad.. GO AWAY..

Mr. Sad : Ok..I'll be leaving when you don't need me anymore.... But...hmmmmm... I wonder why am I still here.. It means that you still want me.. I can't leave without approval from you.

Me : ok ...stay then..! Is that satisfying you?!..(Mr.Sad is smiling). Just stop talking.. I really hate you so much.

Mr Sad is sitting beside me, silently. I allowed him to stay coz I just have to face it and deal with it. Got to be strong to make him disappear and really hope it will not takes too long for him to go away. Shuu..Mr. Sad, shuu..


  1. alahai linda....... pasal sedih sedih ni...??
    lain kali kalau mr sad datang.... suruh dia datang minum kopi kat kedai saya tau.... saya belanja.satu tempayan saya bagi dia minum.pas tu....gerenti dia tak kacau linda dah.....k...
    smile always...!

  2. thank you zaly..takut nanti dah pekene kopi kow kang dok lepak kat kedai tak nak balik-balik..sape pulak yang susah..heheeeeheee.

  3. wee~ like this entry :))

  4. Cik Nurun (or cik Missie)..he..he..thank you for your comment..May be my next entry is Mr Happy..but I have to wait till he come. Zaly tuan punya kedai kopi asked me to keep on hopefully Mr Happy will come soon. :D

  5. mummy ! best la ! suka suka suka ! Mr Sad jahat ! haha !

  6. Aida, Mr Sad is part of our life but once in a while we should thank him for wake us up from kealpaan. As long we can control him we will be fine. Of course he will visiting again, but stay in control and not let him controlling you...
    Peace from mummy..! :)


  8. ouch..Mr Sad? bgus gelaran tu..hihihi